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Design your LinkedIn strategy with the LinkedIn Canvas with Luigi Centenaro

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March 9, 2020
March 9, 2020 10:00
Nordendstr. 64
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Your LinkedIn® presence enshrines your digital identity. Just search Google to see your LinkedIn profile appear at the top of the search results. Anyone looking for you online will see the same. With a single click, they land at the front door of your most important and interconnected "digital home". But who exactly are they looking for? Customers? Recruiters? Colleagues? Partners?

Will what they find engage them? Or will they simply take advantage of the convenient "other profiles like this" list and go elsewhere? The problem is that regardless of who visits your professional profile on LinkedIn, you only have one opportunity to grab their attention.

While you have probably read countless articles on how to optimize your LinkedIn® profile, you’ve probably never been certain you are employing the best strategy, and, as you are no doubt well aware, your competitors are only a click away. In fact, the real challenge is not writing a NICE profile, nor is it learning Linkedin’s tricks. Instead, you need to write RIGHT, know WHY you are writing, know WHAT to write and precisely WHO to target.

The "secret" lies in not treating LinkedIn® as little more than an online CV, but to use it as a tool to generate opportunities that are specifically tailored to you. This is true whether you are Networking, Social Selling, or “simply” looking for a new job or more customers…

The LinkedIn Canvas

The LinkedIn® Canvas will allow you to rapidly build a profile and a content strategy using key Personal Branding concepts. In this way your profile will precisely match what your target audience is looking for. Most LinkedIn profiles simply fail to target the right people!


A visual approach based on cutting-edge trends such as Design Thinking: The Linkedin Canvas is the most effective way to design your Personal Branding strategy on LinkedIn.


The easy to use process helps you identify and enhance your promise of value and shows how you can put yourself in front of the right audience.


Seven intuitive blocks and many incisive questions to help you get to the big picture quickly and help you rapidly identify what needs changing.

The Linkedin Canvas contains tips to help you move from the "design" stage of your strategy using post-it and markers, to the completion of your LinkedIn profile text. It also includes advice on the photo you should use and how to write the summary.

About the workshop

Inspired by design thinking best practices, the workshop is based on a proven format tested all around Europe by thousands of people in companies such as LinkedIn, Swiss Post, ABB, Sanofi, Allianz and IBM and in the top European Business Schools.

Participants will be facilitated through a step by step process in order to answer the questions on the various Canvas blocks and to organize all the insights into a powerful LinkedIn profile.

What others say about the workshop:

This seminar is like an espresso: short, intense and invigorating. I recommend all professionals to attend this seminar and work on their Personal Brand.

Daniel Sager, Laufbahncoach, Post CH AG

Many thanks for providing a tool that I can use with private career coaching clients and also within a corporate workshop setting to support people in unlocking their own resources, realizing their full potential.

Viola K. Kraus, Adjunct Lecturer at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München


  • Introduction to Personal Branding on LinkedIn
  • Personal Promise of value with the LinkedIn Canvas
  • Positioning: how to differentiate yourself relevantly and authentically
  • LinkedIn profile tips
  • Networking time.


Luigi Centenaro

Luigi Centenaro is the Managing Partner and founder of BigName, the professional innovation specialist for enterprise, including many Fortune 100 companies.

Luigi is the author and curator of many publications on Personal Branding and is the lead developer of the Professional Innovation Toolkit.
He proudly serves as a lecturer on Personal Branding and Professional Innovation for SDA Bocconi, St. Gallen University, IE Madrid, ESSEC Paris, Bath SoM, MIP MBA masters, and Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice.

Luigi’s lectures and workshops have received a rating of satisfying or highly satisfying in more than 85% of feedback.

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