Off / Time experiences are customized workshops

to achieve your organizational goals


How do we make it work?

We excel at developing “Off/Times” in the following topics:

Business Modelling & Strategy

#businessmodel #valueproposition

Organizational alignment


Creativity & Innovation

#creative #innovation #connectedorganization

Human Centered Talent & Career Management

#futureofwork #businessmodelyou

Leadership coaching

#futureofleadership #leadershipcoaching

(Agile/ Virtual) Project Management & Team Coaching

#businessmodelsforteams #teamcoaching

Cultural Intelligence / Intercultural Competence


Co-creation / Collaboration / Networking

#legoseriousplay #cocreation #networking

Visual Practice Facilitation

#visualpractice #generativescribing
Our customized approach

1 / Needs assessment 

We want to know exactly what your pain points are and how they are manifested both within and outside your organization. With this knowledge, we can understand the full context in which we will tailor Off/Times specifically for you and your team(s).

2 / Selection of methods and organizational background study

Based on the needs assessment, our team will prepare a proposal to address your particular needs.

3 / Assessment of the proposal

You will remain at the center of the process at all times. We will be continually in communication with you to reevaluate the proposal and make the tweaks needed to make sure your Off/Time is really “yours”.

4 / Implementation of Off/Time plan

Once this collaborative process is complete, (co)facilitation of your personal Off/Time program can be carried wherever  it is most convenient for you.

5 / Initial evaluation and continued feedback

Once the Off/Time has taken place, we love to hear back from you about the impacts it has had in the short, medium and, long term.


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