Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time
Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time

Career & Leadership Coaching

Why coaching?

• Coaching provides with an objective/ external source of insights (coaches tend to ask things that you never asked yourself before)

• it is an oportunity to take some time-off regularly and become aware of how you usually operate and make decisions

• it is a chance to work with someone else on your goals, someone that helps you along the way and keeps you accountable for your actions


Coaching areas


 • Leadership • Project & Team Dynamics

Fresh Start:

 • New business/ Entrepreneurship/ Career changes/ Career start

Change management:

 • Cross-culture/ Relocation/ Back to work/ Expat & Expat partner

Quality of Life:

 • Work-Life Balance/ Time management/ Finances

Career Management

 • Business Model You® (for individuals/ teams)



Coaching services provided in English, German & Spanish



Business and Personal Coaching - Flexibility: 

Prior to scheduling the first session (or trial session), we will talk briefly on the phone about the standard approach described, which can be customized to your company´s/ individual needs.


How Coaching Works - Standard approach:

Coaching takes between 2-6 months and is made up of 4-12 sessions. On the first session (also a trial session), we will work on:

  • Clarifying any questions you may have about coaching and the methodology used
  • Offering a space where you can make any questions you may have about my background.
  • Defining 2-3 inspiring goals to work on for the session series
  • Making sure there is a good chemistry between coach and coachee
  • My preference is to have at least the first session face to face, subsequent sessions are also available on the phone.


For rates and further information, feel free to send a message

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