At Off / Time we are Workshop Designers, and we bring creative methodologies

together to discuss

issues, solve problems, become more creative and communicate

more efficiently.

Our co-creative philosophy
Off/Time builds relationships based on trust and shared experience. More than twenty years of involvement with diverse industries provides us with a solid foundation of understanding about how (international) organizations work. Our cornerstones support our values and our ultimate promise for your organization.


We believe that to reach your success we must work side-by-side to deeply understand your context and offer an approach that is tailored to your particular challenges.
Creativity & innovation


We believe that true knowledge comes from experience.
Agile Mindset


We set reliable settings for individuals and teams to stimulate their creativity and honest dialogue.
Team Commitment


Organizations today must become engaged and connected with its environment to keep up with the more interactive customers and the ever-changing ecosystems. Ideally, the organization should behave more like a dynamic system, adapting itself over time along with its customers and partners. However, as intuitive as this sounds, the way to get there is not always easy. Then, what must be done for an organization to stay relevant? The answer lies within the organization: the individual talents & experiences, teams and networks. To bring these strengths to the fore, we need to bring transformative/breakthrough activities that lead to moments of reflection and generate “aha” moments.

At Off/Time, we create “Off/Time spaces” where you have the chance to get together with your team, to generate fresh ideas, and to reenergize your commitment towards the goals of your organization. Our Off/Times are “Aha” boosters for your organization.  

The “Off/Times” are safe, interactive and experiential spaces for individual exploration.

Through the use of creative methodologies and cutting-edge topics, we facilitate “Off/Times” for you, your teams and your organization to come up with new creative ideas and stimulate engagement
Off/Time with the experts
At Off/Time, we are certified practitioners of Lego® Serious Play® & Business Model You®. Moreover, we collaborate with both Robert Rasmussen & Tim Clark, the creators of these two creative and effective methodologies.

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