Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time
Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time

Who YOU are | Re-Inventing YOUR ever shifting SELF

What do LEGO bricks have to do with my own journey?

Why should I embark on this journey?

Innovation requires engagement that goes well beyond crowdsourcing, it requires a user centric approach, and it demands for collaborative and constructive processes where participants build ideas and concepts, negotiate meaning and engage in creative activities together to create mutual value, value for the system and for the learners.


For those struggling with where to steer the ship of transformation, this workshop is for you. You will walk out with something solid and consistent, enabling you whatever your journey is.


This 2+ day workshop is 100% intense and practical, an opportunity to understand your journey, redefine your story and reinvent yourself. The journey starts as soon as you register.


Who should participate?


* Just YOU looking for a change or insights on new perspectives

* Professionals willing to redefine their careers

* Any Coach or consultant willing to empower his/her client, curious about how to combine different methodologies: Design Thinking, Business Model You®, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®; Storytelling, Gamification and Crowdfunding.

* Entrepreneurs who want to get insights on how to develop/ redefine their businesses

What will you learn/ experience?


You will be able to understand:

* How to redefine your own journey
* How to visualize your shareholder map
* How to define your personal business model (Business Model You®)
* How to test your personal project and get it into action
* How to get valuable insights from a large Community


You Will Learn How
* To Think your own way to discover your path
* To Implement an integrated methodology step by step
* To Obtain real results in a very short time
* To Empower others that may need your help


Registration/ Bring Brickme to your organization


Please contact us directly to register and find out more details about the training or to schedule training for your organization (minimum 12 people) Europewide.


BRICKme journey

In a nutshell:

1) You sign up and the journey begins with some exercises, videos for you to prepare for the two day workshop and start meeting other participants.

2) "D" Day - a two day workshop:

  • Develop your own project prototype with the help of solid tools like: Design Thinking, Business Model You®, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Storytelling, Gamification and Crowdfunding
  • Publish your project to the BRICKme platform, a crowdfunding like platform where you do not receive contributions in form of money, but in form of insights to add value to your value proposition.
  • Move to a higher level of self-understanding, as you answer questions by constructing, sharing and reflecting.

3) A follow up session (one month after the workshop) to be done remotely (via Teleconference) to keep you in action.

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