Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time
Coaching Events Facilitation Cocreation Muenchen Mercedes Hoss Off-Time

Business Model You® Certified Practitioner course led by Dr. Timothy Clark in Europe (and co-facilitated by Mercedes Hoss)


March 17, 2016  Pacific Standard Time

Personal invitation from Business Model You book author Tim Clark

You and I are much alike, I think.

When I got the idea for Business Model You, I wanted to help working professinoals find their true homes in the workplace - but I also wanted a new way to think about my own career.

Spanish version...
When you discovered Business Model You, you may have been seeking a new way to think about your career. And maybe like me, you hoped someday to coach or advise others—and help them find their true homes in the workplace.
If so, I have a special message for you.

We've created a new, two-day Master Class-Certified Practitioner Course, especially for professionals who want to use the Business Model You® methodology in their own businesses. We ran the first session last week in Munich.
Fun is a training requirement!
For me, these sessions were peak experiences. Twenty-seven participants (the maximum number allowed) gathered in Munich. We came from 14 different nations, and we all experienced the power—not just of getting out of the building—but of getting out of the country.
"I loved the trainers and my trainee colleagues," says participant Ming Gu, a journalist and businesswoman based in mainland China. "My group partners' comments really made me think outside the box."
"The book changed me a lot," says Eman Abbas, a Kuwait-based business owner and advisor to other entrepreneurs. "I doubled my beauty salon revenue in three months by applying the principles. But more important, this two-day course gave me the confidence to effectively train other entrepreneurs."
 Roman gets coached by an expert
"Business Model You® works—it's a fantastic experience," says Frank Bickerle of Germany, who sells high-end financial software solutions to corporate customers. "I can use this methodology for individual coaching, which might become my business purpose in the future."
If you join our immersive, limited-enrollment Certified Practitioner training, you'll work directly with me, Mercedes Hoss, and your participant colleagues to understand both enterprise and personal business modeling. Then, you'll practice the methodologies, alternately serving as facilitator, client, and observer to gain a 360° perspective on business model-based coaching and consulting. Finally, in small teams, you'll design your own training or coaching session and present it to the group for additional feedback and inspiration. Last week, trainings designed by participants included:
  • Performance management system renovation
  • Career development training leading into individual coaching sessions
  • Closed-enrollment work redesign
  • Open-enrollment career redesign workshop
  • Post-graduate work strategy design for PhD students
The Certified Practitioner training is conducted in English. Spanish and German language support is provided by co-trainer Mercedes Hoss as needed.
Here is the actual Facilitator Guide
If you join us, you'll benefit from the new 80-page Facilitator's Guide, including the 20-page workshop scenario that will enable you to start training immediately. Ready? See the full training agenda below the signature or visit the registration page. Our next session takes place in Barcelona in May (see the event calendar for other dates and locations).
Fun is a training requirement!
Learn what trainee Sushma Panikker experienced in this short video. And here's another short video describing participant benefits, with comments from a change management consultant, a career coach, a former Silicon Valley executive, and an engineer-turned-manager.
Before I forget, let me mention two things:  

First, enrollment now includes free lifetime access to my Redesign Your Career online course. That’s an extra €90 value—my way of offering extra training support.

Second, the discounted Early Adopter rate expires on March 31. There are some seats left, so avoid delaying too long if you plan to join us.
Have questions? Ask me, or contact Mercedes.

To your training success!
Tim Clark
Founder, Business Model You, LLC
Day 1: End User Experience: Redesign Your Career

  • Set Today's Goal: What Brought You to the Training?
  • Two Critical Business Model Lessons in 5 Minutes
  • Guided Tour of the Enterprise Business Model Canvas
  • Practice Drawing a Familiar Enterprise Model
  • The Crucial Enterprise, Localise, Personalise Distinction
  • Guided Tour of the Personal Business Model Canvas
  • Draw Your "As-is" Model
  • Condense Your "As-is" Model
 — Coffee Break —

  • Pair & Share "Painstorm" 
  • Personal Business Model Revision Case
  • Think Out Loud Lab: Partners Create New Possibilities For You
  • Colleague Buzz / Meta-Coaching / Ask the Author
  • Morning Summary / Group Picture / Change Tables
— Lunch —
  • Key Resources Superpower
  • Think Out Loud Lab II
  • Define Your Purpose in 5 Minutes
  • Purposeful Table Share 
  • Draw Your New, "To-Be" Personal Business Model 
  • Think Out Loud Laboratory 2: Separate Facts and Assumptions 
  • Debrief | Meta-Coaching / Ask the Author
— Coffee Break —

  • Test Your New Model 
  • Share With Colleagues
  • Role Play: The Reunion
  • Summary and Evaluation 
  • Social Hour / Networking

Day 2:  Practitioner Experience: Master Class
  • Facilitator Guide Overview
  • Set Your Goals: How Will You Use the Methodology? 
Technique Basics
  • Simple Rules for Drawing Canvases
  • Draw a New "As-is" Canvas
  • Three Questions™ Overview & Coaching Case
— Coffee Break —
  • Poster Session: Questions for Facilitators
  • Three-Way Coaching Practicum I
  • Coaching Sharing & Debriefing
  • Define Your Professional Identity
  • Morning Wrapup, group picture, table change  
— Lunch —
  • Put Yourself on the Line!
  • Three-Way Coaching Practicum II: Build a New Model Based on Professional Identity
  • Training Design Overview/Round 1
— Coffee Break —
  • Training Design Practicum in Groups
  • Training Design Presentations
  • Summary and Evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificates
NOTE: Training is strictly limited to 27 participants. The participation fee includes:
  • Lunch plus unlimited refreshments throughout both days
  • 80-page Facilitator Guide
  • Two oversized Personal Business Model Canvas posters
  • Free lifetime access to the Redesign Your Career with a New Personal Business Model online training course (in English)
For details, please view the information and registration page.



See below a video on some impressions of our workshops

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Certified Practitioner Course: Who should attend?


• Professional advisors — coaches, counselors, consultants and others — who want to use the Business Model You® methodology in their own professional practices
• Team leaders, entrepreneurs, or managers striving to align individual actions with enterprise aims or otherwise proactively manage talent in a fresh way


See below a video on some impressions of our Master Class and

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